BIS CRS Certification Registration


BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Delhi is that the sole authority for the disbursement of BIS Registration Certificates in India. Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) contains an
inventory of products that are mandatory to urge BIS Registration Certificate before launching in India. All manufacturers/Brands got to take BIS Certification which assures that their products are safe for the consumers in India. Every manufacturer/Brands must obey with the principles and regulations as per decided by the BIS. We assist to finish all formalities and documentations

How to get BIS Registration?

The BIS Registration is granted by BIS office after successful safety testing of the
merchandise as per notified Indian Standard and furnishing of necessary documents. CGC is an experienced service provider for BIS Registration for Indian also as foreign manufacturers, who are willing to sell their electronic products in India. We assist manufacturers in completing all the formalities associated with BIS registration. For details, please check the Important Information given below.

Purpose of BIS Registration:

Provide quality assurance of any product or good Increase the arrogance of the customer while buying the great Provide a safeguard to the health of the customer


For details, please check the Important Information given below.


  • Mandatory Product List BIS CRS

    Mandatory List of Products for BIS CRS Certification is as below:       
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  • Required Documents BIS CRS

    Required Document List for BIS CRS Certification is as below:
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  • Groups and Schemes in BIS CRS

    Below are Groups and Schemes in BIS CRS Certification

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  • Costing and Timeline BIS CRS

    Below are the costing and timeline for BIS CRS Certification:

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