ISI Mark Certification


The ISI mark is far and away the foremost recognized product quality certification mark within the Indian subcontinent. The ISI mark is issued by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). There are 150 mandatory products which require ISI certification before being sold in India.

ISI Mark Registration / Certification in India

In India, there are certain products that contain the ISI mark on its packaging, and that we use these products in our lifestyle. But many folks don’t know what the mark truly means.
ISI stands for Indian Standard Institute. ISI mark refers to a licensed mark which is employed for industrial items sold in India. Industrial items are the things employed by a corporation for the business purpose. It assures that the merchandise which you're buying is safe to use and is of excellent quality.

What is ISI Mark registration?

ISI mark registration is mandatory for all the certifying products sold in India. The mark is
supposed for better quality and safety of the products. The Products having ISI indicate that products are in compliance with the Indian standard quality. Through getting ISI certification on your products, you're eligible to expand your business. If products sold in India don’t have ISI, then those products can't be sold within the territory of India.

How to get ISI Certification?

The manufacturer(s) need to complete the testing and documentation required by BIS so as to certify the merchandise with ISI mark. Factory also will require to urge physically audited by the BIS officer. We are experienced service provider for ISI certification for Indian also as foreign manufacturers. We help to manage all the specified process to get the ISI Certification for products mentioned within the mandatory list or other optional products that Indian Standard is out there.

Purpose of ISI Registration

The purpose of ISI registration is to

  • Provide quality assurance of any product or good
  • Increase the arrogance of the customer while buying the great
  • Provide a safeguard to the health of the customer

Purpose of ISI Registration

Provide quality assurance

Increase the confidence of the customer

Provide a safeguard to the health of the customer

How can we help you?

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    • Mandatory Product List ISI

      Mandatory List of Products for ISI Registration are as below        
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    • Groups and Schemes ISI

      Below are Groups and Schemes in ISI Certification
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    • Required Documents ISI

      Required Document List for ISI Certification is as below:

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    • Costing and Timeline

      Below are the costing and timeline for ISI Certification:

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